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Our services

Why choose us?

Quality Guarantee

22 Years serving Huntsville! Huntsville TECHS will pay very close attention to your device when it is in our store for repair. From the time we begin your repair to the end the focus is on making sure the repair is done correctly. The repair is then checked by another tech for full repair redundancy.

Data Security

We know the data on your device is private therefore while your property is in or store no one will browse through your data for any reason unless you tell us to look for something specific. If you decide to have your device recycled and leave it with us we will ALWAYS format and make sure the data is GONE.

Customer service

We always strive for the best customer service! We appreciate every person that walks through our doors and in return will do our BEST to make sure your experience is exactly what you deserve. Thanks in advance for choosing Huntsville TECHS!

Privacy policy

Our company pays special attention to privacy of your data. No information from your gadget will be transferred to a third party. We respect our customers.


PC & Laptop Repair

We work onĀ all of the popular brands

Regardless of the brand you have we can work on it! We work on many major brands of laptops and desktops. IF you are not sure what is wrong bring it in and we can assess it and determine the root problem.

Not sure if it is worth fixing? We will be honest and tell you if it would be better to just replace your item as opposed to repairing it. But many times it is still worth repairing.

Come on by the store and drop it off so we can take a look!