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First of all –┬áThank you very much for coming to our site to read about us:)

Ken, Dena & Kayden

kd3We are the Shipley’s and we do what we love. We enjoy providing great support and service while making new friends every day! We truly appreciate each one of our customers and their loyalty to us for the opportunity to provide our services.

Ken has been in the industry since 1995 and has continued to stay focused on the fast pace of technology. His background started in web development which he really enjoys and continues to provide to clients around the country and locally.

Dena has an excellent grip on everything that happens here at Huntsville TECHS. She will most likely be the one you see and talk to the most. Her knowledge is second to none and continues to handle the important elements of it all.


We look forward to seeing all of you here when our services come into play. We will do whatever we need to make sure you leave with a smile.


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