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Data Recovery Huntsville Texas

Hard_DriveThe Huntsville Techs Pros have the experience to recover data from hard drives that have become unstable. There are a few options associated with data recovery that we can offer depending on your current hard drive status. We will assess your drive and let you know within minutes if we feel we can recover your important files on site here at Huntsville Techs.

Important things to remember when dealing with bad drives:

  • The moment you think the drive is starting to go bad copy important files to another drive or flash drive.
  • Contact Huntsville Techs as soon as the drive gives any hard drive error or tries to do any error checking upon boot…also see above:)
  • Never assume your drive is not going bad because it has only given 1 hard drive error or performed error checking on boot!
  • Never call a friend to come try to recover data on a failed drive! The more you try to power drives that have failed can damage the drive further therefore lowering your chances of recovery.
  • When it comes to your data we will perform everything we can to try to recover your data on site at Huntsville Techs! We have special software and other tricks up our sleeve when it comes to data recovery:)

If we cannot recover the data you still have an option for us to send it off to one of our off-site clean room labs for what we call hard drive surgery. Your drive will have to be cut open and the platters removed and placed into another case in order to improve chances of recovery.

Surgery can be very expensive so be sure to follow our important things to remember as a rule of thumb which will greatly increase your chances of a successful recovery!

Ask us about configuring your computers / servers for automatic back up!