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Custom Computer Builds

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When it comes to building custom PC’s the Huntsville TECHS Pros can give you what you want. If you are not sure what to get or what is compatible between all of the pieces of a custom box, we can answer those questions and guide you right.

We have built many systems over the years for gamers, developers, CAD pros, etc…you name it…we have done it.

DesktopsĀ are still very much a part of our lives since the power you can get for the money in a PC compared to a laptop is HUGE!

If you are trying to decide what type of custom computer you want or need just give us a call at: 936.439.0426 and we will put together a quote based on your suggestions and email you a price.

Generally once you decide on a build we order the parts and get them back to our store in 3 days. We will build out the machine the same day we receive the parts so you can get it setup in your favorite spot and get going!

Remember, building a new custom box is the best decision for overall value compared to buying a computer at a local box store.

There is no comparison. Period.