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Virus Removal

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thumb_virus2The Huntsville Tech hounds will do multiple scans and other proprietary commands to get your computer virus free! We pay very close attention to many elements of the PC that can still contain viruses that amateur technicians have no clue about.

We pride ourselves on being very conscientious to make sure… you the customer… have been given the total care we here at Huntsville Techs provide. We know that when you get a virus how frustrating it can be to simply get your computer back to normal so you can continue on with your normal habits! We will get it back to normal for you as fast as possible while also providing the most AFFORDABLE price with the BEST customer service.

If you think you have a virus remember your private personal information could be accessed by a hacker without you even knowing it. Instead of hoping you did not get a virus when you clicked a link you shouldn’t have…bring it on in to the Huntsville Tech hounds to sniff it out and be SURE you are clean.

After the Virus is cleaned…

Once we clean your infected computer our care does not stop there. We also have the most affordable Anti-Virus in town. We use an anti-virus that does not contain other elements that install on your computer and slow it down.


bugMost anti-virus software will simply slow your computer experience down and make you even more frustrated. Before paying someone to install their anti-virus be sure to call on the Huntsville Tech hounds so we can not only protect you from viruses but also most importantly educate you on the topic and explain why we do things the way we do:)